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European Made Cigarettes

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Minimalism - The Ultimate Elegance in
Contemporary Design

Today, minimalism has become a solid reality, basically influencing each and every sector of our lives. In the tobacco industry, it has definitely made a strong impact on the design of the packs, boxes, and even cigarettes. So what are the main features that create the idea of minimalistic design? Here are a few general principles:

  • A very clean color palette, generally displaying three colors or less;
  • An abstract design, based on corroborating volumes, lines, and textures;
  • The absence of symbols or recognizable images of any kind;
  • The merging of logos and taglines in the overall design.

When it comes to cigarettes, manufacturers combine the idea of a clean design with the minimalistic principles mentioned above. The result is almost in every case a very intuitive combination of good tastes and strong message. Here's why and how:

  • Any minimalistic design suggests simplicity. Keeping things simple is very important when considering an object that you carry in your pocket or purse on a daily basis, such as a pack of cigarettes;
  • Complicated logos can easily be integrated in a minimalistic design, without affecting it;
  • The message of a tagline becomes more obvious when surrounded by a simple design;
  • Minimalistic packs are easy to remember: after less than a week from buying Kent Nanotek, for example, you'll simply ask for the black pack. It will become obvious to you that this is the only thing that matters. Not the tagline and not even the name of the brand, because colors are stronger than names;
  • Minimalistic cigarettes can be a fun accessory, whereas cigarettes with a complicated design (such as Sobranie Black Russian) are difficult to smoke in a casual environment. As such, they are more comfortable, irrespective of situation and personal style.

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New Brands:

Our assortment was enlarged with new brands:
- Dunhill International
- Rothmans International
- Rothmans Royals
- 555 express

Now you can order these brands at reasonable prices from our site.
We keep working on enlargement of our assortment Please, keep your eyes on our renovations.
June 1, 2007

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